Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday, Christmas, and Whatever else....

It has been forever since I last blogged. I didn't do a birthday post for Josh or a Halloween or Christmas post. I am not going to write too much of an update but I will do a short one. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Ashlyn is doing great. She is in 2nd grade and is doing awesome in school. She amazes me with her kindness and genuine love for others. She is such an example to us on how e did nice should be. She had a friend once tell her she did not like her anymore because she played with another friend and we told her to just say fine I don't need to be friends with you anyway and she comes home the next day and says that she did not say that to her friend and that the friend apologized for saying it. I definitely would have held a grudge and been rude back. Ashlyn is a sweetheart. Ashlyn also is very beautiful. Everywhere we go she gets told she is so pretty. Ashlyn's favorite things right now are playing the wii, reading books,painting, and realizing watching movies. Her favorite snack is Cheddar bacon potato skins and don't even think about having a taste of them when she has a bag of them. Anyhow she is a great kid.

Josh is also doing great. He is full of energy and imagination. He still likes to dress up into costumes. Mostly super hero's now so the whole dressing up like Peter Pan scare is non existent. Josh is obsessed with being with his cousin Mack and talks about him all week until Friday or Sunday when he gets to see him. When he gets a treat he always says I am going to save part of my treat for Mack when I see him this week. He then tends to eat the treat and Josh will decide that he will give him a treat from another day. Josh loves to play with toys. He never gets bored of them but definitely makes a gigantic mess from them. Josh is one of the happiest kids I have ever seen. He is always smiling and always happy and always wants to just have fun. He is a sweetheart to.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Living on a Prayer

Here is a video of Ashlyn singing living on a prayer. She really does have a good voice if the songs are not high or rock. I will record her singing to Blink 182 next time and she sounds awesome. Mark and I get a kick out of her singing this one the most though.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Another Year......Another Christmas....

Well another year has come and gone and I have been the worlds biggest slacker for blogging. There is so much I could say about our kids and what is going on but I think a quick little something and pictures tell the story just as good.

Ashlyn is doing well in her first grade class and learning to read and write so well. So well that Josh and I have been getting a lot of notes from her. Some of the funnier notes are Der Josh, you are driving me crasy but I stil love you. Her spelling by the way. A couple of notes to me: Der mom you forgot to put toylet paper in the bathroom thanks a lot. Another was a sign that said No mom with a drawn picture of me that had a slash through it. I must have been mean that day. Last one is Der mom at school I mis you and I love you. I love her notes. This girl can not be any cuter. She is a sweet heart. She loves to play Mario Bros and rock band and just love spending time with me. I will enjoy it while it last.

Josh on the other hand is quite opposite of Ashlyn in every way. He uses his imagination to the fullest. He loves to dress up in his Buzz Light Year costume and his Peter Pan Costume. He watches the movies and acts them out in costume. He also loves to play with any toy that he has that goes with the movies he watches and acts the toys out along with the movies as well. To Quote him he says things like Reach for the Eye instead of sky on Toy Story. He is very busy and does not stop except at night to sleep. I rarely just catch him sitting down still doing nothing. Josh is also a sweet heart though. If you ask him for a hug or a kiss he will jump right up to do so. Even with people he hardly knows.

Well I probably have rambled on enough. Here are some pictures of the kiddos. As you can see they are getting big and growing up.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Joshy's Birthday and Updates

Last Saturday was Josh's 3rd birthday. I cannot believe my baby is already 3 years old. He is growing to be so big and has developed such a cute personality. Ashlyn to is growing up right before us and also has quite the personality.

We didn't go to crazy on Josh's Birthday. We had Marks family over on Saturday night after the BYU game and then went to my dad's house or I guess Grumpies house on Sunday for another party for him. I made him a Cars cake (which took all freaking morning to make) and them we just let him play with his new toys. He got a rug that he can drive his cars on and when we unrolled it he said " Oh yeah Baby!" He got a lot of toys that were cars and a Forklift from Grandma and Grandpa Holley. Grandma and Grandpa Webb gave him a bike and his aunts and uncles spoiled him with car toys and movies.

Josh is completely potty trained and has been for about 5 months now. He is finally off the bottle and is just a little love. He will give anyone a hug that asks for one and is never mean to anyone. He loves his cousin Mack and talks about him everyday. He always asks when he is going to come over. The nice thing about the two of them is they never fight. He says totally funny things. Just yesterday I was taking him to his 3 year check up and he said "I am really nervous mommy" and also "I don't like it when they poke my leg I only like when they tickle my ear"

Ashlyn on the other hand is getting so old. She loves school this year and I am so thankful. Her teacher is so good to her and she has found some really good friends. Yesterday she told me a girl named Sierra is her best friend. I have not met her but she always plays with Ashlyn at recess so she must be a good friend. After school gets out Ashlyn likes to strip down to a tank top and her undies and snuggle in her blanket and watch a movie. She just likes to veg and relax after her long day of school she tells me. She hates it when I make her run errands. Ash lost her first tooth a couple of weeks ago and was very excited about it. That night she left her tooth under her pillow and that same night I found a paper heart under mine that said I love you from Ashlyn. It made my heart melt. She has the sweetest and most thoughtful personality. I am not sure of many 6 year olds that would do that. I now call her my heart fairy.

Well that is all. I hate to keep typing. The kids are doing great and we love them so much and are very proud of them. Here are some cute pictures of them.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ashlyn's first day of school

Ashy started school a couple of weeks ago and I have been lazy in posting her pictures. She started 1st grade and her teacher is Mrs. P. Ashlyn just loves her and is so happy to have her. She has a lot of friends from her class last year and some new ones from our ward as well. She is enjoying eating school lunch but does not like how long she has to be there now. She comes home saying what a long day it was on a regular basis. Anyhow we are so proud of her and how much she has grown up since Kindergarten!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Two peas in a pod

Last weekend we had the opportunity to watch my nephew Mack. Josh and Mack are 3 months apart and have just recently started being the best of buds. Josh constantly asks if Mack is coming over or if he can go to Mack's house. He just loves to hang out with him.

So anyhow, Josh was starting to get pretty cranky because he had not had a nap that day so I decided to lay them down to see if they would fall asleep. I laid them both down in Josh's bed and then gave them both milk. They drank their milk and then had about a 30 minute conversation and fell asleep.

The conversation was so funny that I ended up recording some of it on my video camera. Unfortunately it is not new enough that I can post that but I did take pictures also. The conversation went from saying scooby scooby doo to Josh saying " Fart" and Mack replying " can Macky let a fart to? Macky let stinky fart, Mack let stinky poo poo fart" It was so funny. Then Josh started to dose off and Mack kept saying boo to Josh and Josh was getting irritated saying "stop that" Mack proceeded to continue on and Josh finally rolled over smacked mack on the arm and said Stop it and fell asleep. About five minutes later Mack was out to.