Friday, February 11, 2011

Birthday, Christmas, and Whatever else....

It has been forever since I last blogged. I didn't do a birthday post for Josh or a Halloween or Christmas post. I am not going to write too much of an update but I will do a short one. I will let the pictures do the rest of the talking.

Ashlyn is doing great. She is in 2nd grade and is doing awesome in school. She amazes me with her kindness and genuine love for others. She is such an example to us on how e did nice should be. She had a friend once tell her she did not like her anymore because she played with another friend and we told her to just say fine I don't need to be friends with you anyway and she comes home the next day and says that she did not say that to her friend and that the friend apologized for saying it. I definitely would have held a grudge and been rude back. Ashlyn is a sweetheart. Ashlyn also is very beautiful. Everywhere we go she gets told she is so pretty. Ashlyn's favorite things right now are playing the wii, reading books,painting, and realizing watching movies. Her favorite snack is Cheddar bacon potato skins and don't even think about having a taste of them when she has a bag of them. Anyhow she is a great kid.

Josh is also doing great. He is full of energy and imagination. He still likes to dress up into costumes. Mostly super hero's now so the whole dressing up like Peter Pan scare is non existent. Josh is obsessed with being with his cousin Mack and talks about him all week until Friday or Sunday when he gets to see him. When he gets a treat he always says I am going to save part of my treat for Mack when I see him this week. He then tends to eat the treat and Josh will decide that he will give him a treat from another day. Josh loves to play with toys. He never gets bored of them but definitely makes a gigantic mess from them. Josh is one of the happiest kids I have ever seen. He is always smiling and always happy and always wants to just have fun. He is a sweetheart to.


kellie said...

Sheesh woman!!! IT's about time. I began wondering if you guys were still alive :) Thanks for the update already. WE LOVE Josh and Ashlyn! They are keepers....And I guess we will keep you and Mark too.

Amber said...

I am so glad for the post! I check all the time hoping to see some new pics of your darling family. You guys have had lots of fun it looks like. We need to get together and have a babaque or something.